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Country-wide healthcare advisory service


Governmental and semi-governmental organisations, agricultural advisory services and, in some cases, NGOs provide information on general health care issues, basic hygiene, nutrition and parenting (see also nutritional advice) on a national or regional basis. Thereby, diseases, especially of women and children shall be prevented and the population’s general health status be improved. Regular preventive measures (e.g. de-worming, vaccinations) are also carried out.


  • Close collaboration and knowledge sharing with schools
  • Close cooperation and knowledge sharing with farmers' organisations
  • Skilled / specialised personnel to man the respective institutions / provide the respective services
  • Specialised courses at local universities
  • Close cooperation and knowledge sharing with local advisory services
  • Close cooperation and knowledge sharing with research institutions
  • Clear responsibilities in public authorities

Possible Negative Effects

  • Lack of qualified staff, particularly midwives and nutritionists
  • The provision does not meet the needs of the population
  • Discriminates against the rural population compared with the urban population
  • Decentralised units are not properly funded
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Implementation Level
  • On Site
  • Competent Authority
  • National Government
Required Budget
medium ($$)
Impact Horizon
  • medium
  • long
Administrative Complexity
Ministries Involved
  • Agriculture, Fisheries & Forests
  • Health
Trade Impact
not distorting
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