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Support for practising veterinarians


Providing support for practising veterinarians, e.g. at local surgeries, helps set up a network of veterinary practices in the countryside that can support farmers, slaughterhouses and food enterprises in issues relating to controlling animal diseases and food hygiene. It reduces veterinary costs and enables a continuous monitoring of livestock numbers.

Practising veterinarians organise regular livestock health checks, either with individual farmers or through breeding cooperatives, provide advice on feeding and housing and ensure high hygiene standards in egg, meat and dairy production.

Where an animal health service exists, the burden on the state veterinary authority can be reduced by bringing in practising veterinarians.


  • Properly functioning veterinary and health authorities
  • Regulated and legally protected payment structures
  • State-approved fee structure, if necessary
  • Training opportunities for veterinarians at local educational institutions

Possible Negative Effects

  • Excessive vets’ fees reduce farmers’ economic strength
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Implementation Level
  • On Site
  • Competent Authority
Required Budget
medium ($$)
Impact Horizon
  • medium
  • long
Administrative Complexity
Ministries Involved
  • Agriculture, Fisheries & Forests
  • Labour & Social Affairs
Trade Impact
not distorting
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