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Market price information system


Farmers need access to up-to-date market information relevant to them (e.g. information on farm inputs). Apart from information on prices, a description of the offer and an estimate of how demand is likely to develop are also key. Market price information systems only achieve their purpose of improving the decision-making basis and transparency if they are constantly updated and are therefore relatively expensive to maintain.


  • A properly functioning country-wide administration and monitoring system with access to the relevant information and sufficient technical and human capacities for its design, implementation and monitoring
  • Clear and coherent political strategy and targets for policy-makers and public authorities
  • Close cooperation and knowledge sharing with local advisory services
  • Close cooperation and knowledge sharing with research institutions
  • Constant market surveying and forecasting
  • ICT infrastructure
  • Regulatory framework
  • Skilled / specialised personnel to man the respective institutions / provide the respective services
  • Technical solutions adapted to local circumstances

Possible Negative Effects

  • The food sector could use the price transparency in the supply chain to put pressure on producer prices
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