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Development of specialist land and sea transport logistics


Logistics means all collaborative business processes involving the distribution of goods and services efficiently in terms of time, cost and quantities. The aim of developing this logistics is to secure the transport, storage, provision, acquisition and distribution of goods, people, money, information and energy and hence to improve coordination between the various actors in the supply chains. A definition of logistics attributed to Plowman, known as the Seven Rights definition, is that logistics means ensuring the availability of the right goods, in the right amount, in the right condition, at the right place, at the right time, for the right customer at the right cost.

The forms most relevant to the agri-food sector are acquisition, production, distribution and port logistics. An important example of specific logistics in the agri-food sector is the provision of a reliable refrigeration chain. The closed refrigeration chain forms the basis for all trade in fresh products. Developing economies need disproportionately high investments in logistics and infrastructure.


  • Property / land register / formal land rights
  • Regulatory framework
  • Skilled / specialised personnel to plan the network infrastructure
  • Legal certainty
  • Clarification of responsibility for maintenance work
  • Clear and coherent political strategy and targets for policy-makers and public authorities
  • A properly functioning country-wide administration and monitoring system with access to the relevant information and sufficient technical and human capacities for its design, implementation and monitoring
  • Inclusion of municipalities
  • Participation of all stakeholders involved, e. g. science / research, agricultural advisory services, civil society, public and private sector (incl. farmers and their interest groups)
  • Technical solutions adapted to local circumstances

Possible Negative Effects

  • Marginalised groups could be disadvantaged
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